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  MEN Mayan Astrology Pendant with Necklace
Men Mayan Astrology Pendant


MEN Mayan Astrology Pendant

(pronounced: men)


Eagle (believes in self, visionary)


Blue (transformation, intuition, energy)


West (vision, magic, healing)


Crown Chakra

Key Characteristics:

Independent ♦ Ambitious ♦ Runner ♦ Scientific ♦ Technical ♦ Critical/Exacting ♦ Carries Unique Ideas About Life


To the Maya, you are a symbol of inner knowing, knowledge, and wisdom. Each step along your path has something to teach you. You find the power of learning from within. You are keen of eye and of mind. You can become telepathic in a sense, which allows you to solve problems easily, and then wonder later where the answer came from. Due to your superior point of view and keen intelligence, you can achieve material abundance and good fortune.

As a messenger gifted with patience and a deep sense of value, you bring hope and trust to all around you. Compassionate service to others sustains your prosperity. If you become viscously competitive or possessive, greed and jealousy cause a fall from the heights. You, having been blessed with freedom and the ability to be successful in any situation, should be aware of escapism. It would be wise for you to not fly away from troubles - but to fly towards them on the wings of your spirit, and battle them head on.


This handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant measures 15 mm in height and 10 mm wide.

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Delivered in a decorative box, ready for Gift giving or receiving

Mayan Scroll:

Includes full personality description on elegant Mayan Scroll

Leather Necklace:

Includes an adjustable length Leather Cord Necklace